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Game Description

Isometric tank battles in space, what more could you want? This is, an MMO arena shoot em up where you spawn as a tank in space and have to hunt down all the other tanks until you are the last tank left standing. There are different kind of ammo power-ups you can run over to upgrade your turret. The most popular upgrade is the deflecto-shell. The deflecto-shell lets you bounce your projectile off of the wall twice before it explodes. You can use this ability to line up complicated shots which involve rebounds and are thus capable of hitting opponents who are hiding behind walls. Try and seek out the forcefield upgrade because this will allow you to take sustained fire from an enemy combatant without losing valuable hit points. The effects of the forcefield are limited and do run out eventually, however, they should give you enough time to take out your opponents. Your basic strategy is to think ahead of your opponents. Where do you think they are going, how can you beat them there? Be aggressive. This is a game of attrition and there can be only one. You must take a risk at getting a shot off. It is far better to die charging into battle than to die cowering from it in one of the games many corners. Try and outflank the other players and get behind them. Use the deflecto-shots to rebound a shell when they least expect it. Game Instructions Mouse: Aim your reticule with the mouse. Left Mouse Button: Fire turret W,A,S,D: Move Tank


WASD: Move Mouse: Aim and Fire Online Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateDec 15, 2018
DeveloperWI Games

26142 plays


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