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Airport Clash 3D



Game Description

Airport Clash 3D is a funny IO shooting game where you’re stuck in an abandoned airport. This third-person shooter game has nice 3D animation that creates a war-driven world in a non-functioning airport. In this anarchy, you must survive and fight against others along with the help of your team. Your goal is to kill as many people as you can to win each round. As you play and raise your score, you can unlock upgrades that will help you become a better player. You can also use the area to your advantage by hiding behind the large and stranded airplanes while you search for any enemies. Fight alongside other players to take down the enemies but also beat them out by getting the most kills. Every time you win a game, you get closer to newer weapons. Use your stars to upgrade your stats and current weapons. Shoot your way up the leaderboards in this exciting IO shooting game.


To play this IO game, WASD or arrow keys to navigate through the game. Left-hand click on your mouse to shoot, spacebar to jump, and C key to crouch. Before starting a game, use any stars you may have to upgrade your life or weapons.

Airport Clash 3D Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateOct 24, 2019

71866 plays

Kain Fuery

about 4 years ago

Quite badly made if I'm to be honest.

ggs mon

about 4 years ago



about 4 years ago

Awesome game Kinda Like Fortnite