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Game Description is a free IOgame. You must catch them all, you must train them all, and you must send them out into the wilds to battle and become the ultimate tamer. You are a taming master. A person who ventures out into the world finds powerful young creatures, trains them, and then uses them in deadly battles to determine the victor. It is a strategic game of searching, finding, taming, training, and using. A game that you will be playing in real-time against other tamers from around the world. Your skills will not just be put to the test by some random AI, no, you'll be challenging real live people with the same smarts, experience, and ambitions as you. This is a fun strategy game where you will be finding, upgrading, and customizing your various beasts. It is very similar to Pokemon but it's not Pokemon it's totally its own thing, its a different thing and it's actually really fun.  So, get clicking and have fun in this super fun game of taming, training, battling, and more! We're proud to present to you and hope you will enjoy playing this fun, free IOGame.


Use your mouse to click on and through the various in-game menus to customize your various animals. Use W,A,S,D or arrow pad to move around the map. Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateJan 14, 2021

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almost 2 years ago

its good and cute but the controls


about 2 years ago

It's nice, but the controls are really difficult to use, and combat is hard. And trying to heal while someone is beating up on you is impossible. There are too many super experienced/OP players on the servers, and it makes it hard to get anywhere with practice, because you can't play long enough to find a good strategy/get better at PVP any time quickly. This ruins the fun of the game for new players, especially those with ADHD who work so hard to get to a certain level, and then have their progress destroyed by other players or animals killing them. And the animals in the game are way too strong to start with, so levelling up your pet is really difficult. I'll keep trying to play it, but it's really hard to enjoy all the stuff in it when you get KO'ed so frequently. It's not fun for new players.


over 2 years ago

How do you talk to others on this?


over 2 years ago

Good game good game but I wish there was a future update where you can hit your teammates


over 2 years ago



over 2 years ago

i think this game is great


almost 3 years ago

this game clearly exists because of but does some things better and some worse. it has a good art style. taming animals is pretty frustrating as more often than not you're not gonna tame it. this game has clans (i guess is the best way to say it) but there is no game chat. the game is on the harder side of the spectrum and you have to grind for a while for materials . i do like how there are bosses that occasionally spawn and change in seasons. overall the games alright


almost 3 years ago

good game


almost 3 years ago

good game


almost 3 years ago

it would not let me saddle after my progress