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Game Description

Chemz is a free iogame. This is the future where chemicals are sprayed from planes to troll the populace. Those who make the most money an have the most power are the few, brave, the only pilots who are able to troll the most citizens. Pilot your plane and fly tactically in order to leave a trail of angry red-faced citizens in your wake. There is an arena full of citizens who are there to be conquered. All you have to do is deliver the toxin. As you play the game, collect as many resources as you can to upgrade your various weapons. Collect power-ups that let you do three different things: speed up, fire missiles at competing pilots, or drop bombs to protect your crop dusted persons. As you take over more and more of the map your plane will grow in size your wingspan will get even better. This makes it easier to crop-dust but it also makes you a bigger target so you'll have to pay attention.


Use your mouse to guide the plane through the level. As you fly you will infect the citizens in your wake. The goal of the game is to be the plan with the most citizens in their thrall for as long as possible. Watch out for rival pilots who will try to steal your points. Left mouse button to speed up. B: Drop Bombs behind you. M: Fire Missiles at enemies in front of you plane. Space Bar: Speed up.

Chemz Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateApr 30, 2020

16306 plays


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