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Game Description is a free IOGame. School is order but life is chaos. It is inevitable that you as a child will find a way to add chaos to the order of school. Your enemy is the dreaded teacher. The teacher will always try to stop you and try to hold you down while screaming historical dates, simple mathematical equations, and lessons about grammar. But you will not listen. You will not learn their rules and their facts. You are your own person and you will party, wreak havoc and destroy the institutions upon which society itself has been built. You will do this because chaos is fun and it makes for a fun game. is a fun game that takes the battle between order and chaos to its ultimate end. Here is the big twist that you did not see coming. In this game, you can actually choose to play as either the child, the student, an agent of chaos. Or you can choose to play as the dreaded teacher: the arbiter of order, the disciplinarian. This dichotomy is what makes the game endlessly re-playable and will allow you as a gamer to maximize your fun. Enjoy this game.


W,A,S,D: Move your character Space: Action E: Pick up. Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateJun 17, 2021

24509 plays


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