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Game Description The Ultimate Typing Game for Speed and Skill

Level up your typing game with, a modern, fully customizable and massively multiplayer typing website designed by typing enthusiasts for the ultimate typing experience. Inspired by the beloved TypeRacer, sets itself apart with its exceptional customizability and ultra-smooth fluid typing interface. Jump right in to a modern global multiplayer typing game, engage with typists globally that challenge your speed and accuracy. Perfect for both pros to beginners, is not just a game - it's a community and a tool for honing your typing skills in a fun, interactive environment.


Simply mash those keys! Click into any mode you’d like to play. You can click Random, to play against others online and be served random texts. Quotes mode are quotes from books, movies, songs only, and Dictionary mode are just quick and easy top English words with no punctuation. You can play with your friends by creating your own rooms. Click the “Create” button and invite your friends or make your room public to play with random players! Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateDec 22, 2023

1404 plays


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