Game Description

Pushout is a free instant game. You are in and you need to get out. Not just you, but all of your square friends as well. You need to get out and you need to get them out. Push them if you have to, it is for your own safety. This game is a puzzle, it is an adventure you find yourself compelled to unlock as you point, click, and unlock the fun. Every square is another chance to turn it all around. Each level in this game is more puzzling than the last. You will need to center yourself and summon all of the fortitudes you can in order to overcome the items which need to be pushed. There is no room for error in this game of pushes and pulls. The only way you can persevere is by making sure that you and all of your square friends get out. So, get pushing because these people ain't listening to anything you gotta say. Perhaps paranoia takes over as the walls close in, there is no way through but out.


On your mobile or desktop computer please use your finger to tap and slide or your mouse to point, click, and drag your white square across the screen.

Pushout Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateMar 17, 2022

12944 plays


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