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Yin and Yang is a match game. What is your favorite number of colored cubes? Is it three, five, seven --is it seriously seven?-- because in Yin and Yang it doesn't matter! You can match and blast anywhere from three to infinity cubes as long as they are all the same color and line up in a horizontal or vertical way! Does that sound exciting? It should! Match games are the heart and soul of online and mobile games these days. It makes sense, match games are tactical puzzles where you must move fast. They are half puzzle and half action. You slide your finger to demolish just the right amount cubes and try to plan a heaad because there will always be more rows of candy colored cubes dropping into your lap and making your life a mess. If you think you're faster than a computer or smarter than a pile of colored rocks, we dare you to step up and prove yourself. How far can you possibly go, how many cubes will you blast? Its all up to you. 


Yin and Yang is a match three blocks game where you will use your mouse or your finger to select, slide and blast away any number of matching blocks from three to infinity. The more you destroy the more will come. Are you zen enough to keep everything in balance, find the pattern and discover the secret of the cubes?

Yin and Yang Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateJun 6, 2019
DeveloperNeon Games

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