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Escape: The Bathroom



Game Description

Escape the Bathroom is a free escape game where your objective is to get out of this bathroom. How did you even get stuck here in the first place!? You don’t know how it happened but it’s up to you and your ingenuity to figure your way out in this puzzle game. In order to Escape the Bathroom, you’ll need to figure out a series of point and click puzzles. Then, and only then, will you be able to find you way out of this room. Don’t try to simply leave through the door, either. Those lasers probably hurt. Play this funny escape game and figure how to use the seemingly normal bathroom items you find.


To play Escape the Bathroom, the trick is to click on literally everything. Go from screen to screen, and if it looks like anything at all, click it. You’ll collect items, and you’ll want to use those with anything and everything. You’ll get the lay of the land, and maybe even solve a few puzzles along the way. Once you’ve thoroughly scoured the environment, you should have at least a decent start, and then it’s just a matter of eliminating all the puzzles one by one.

Escape: The Bathroom Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateMay 29, 2009

13601118 plays


11 months ago

2:50 yesssssssss


over 2 years ago

40:08 Beet that XD


over 2 years ago



almost 3 years ago

Muito bommmmm


almost 5 years ago

I always enjoy the hilarity of these situations


over 5 years ago

yeah!i have finished it.its too easy to play.


over 5 years ago

wow How do you do it?


over 5 years ago

woo hoo! three minutes and forty five seconds!

games guy

over 5 years ago

will someone help me do it?


over 5 years ago

why am i stuck in the bathroom in the first place?