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Super Orb Collector



Game Description

Super Orb Collector is a free puzzle game. Gravity is your enemy, space is your enemy, the walls are your enemy. In Super Orb Collector, your enemies are everywhere, they are all around you and they don't like being disturbed. In order to collect the orbs from each level and make it to the extraction point you'll have to sneak by swinging platforms, spinning rotors, avoid endless pits, and time it all perfectly. These orbs are valuable so they will be well defended. You must be of pure heart and iron will if you wish to overcome the obstacles before you and succeed in stealing the glowing spheres of destiny. Super Orb Collector is a maze style puzzle game where you must find your way through the traps and winding passages way in order to pick up your prize and deliver it to the door at the end of the level. Super orb Collector is a game that will test the limits of your reflexes as you dodge danger, avoid attacks, and sneak your way to victory. This is a game that rewards stealth over strength so strap on your critical thinking caps and get deductive in Super Orb Collector.


On your desktop computer use your mouse to click on the Orb. You are now the Orb. Your goal is to navigate through the maze and avoid spinning rotors, sliding platforms, and slamming doors in this physics-based maze-style puzzle game.

Super Orb Collector Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateOct 28, 2020
DeveloperTM Nannnings

16111 plays


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