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Math Rush



Game Description

Math Rush is a free math game. This is a classic game of adding, subtracting, or whatever skill you want to practice.  Math is a complicated process by which we navigate the fascinating world of numbers. Numbers, how do they work? You may have asked yourself that question before and now is the time to answer it. In Math Rush, you are responsible for organizing and optimizing a warehouse. It is up to you to observe and categorize a variety of different gears into their matching boxes and then ship them off. Your score, your reputation, your very life itself hinges and hangs entirely on your ability to put things in the appropriate boxes and get those boxes to slide down the conveyor belt all while doing different math questions. As the game goes on you'll be organizing and sorting more than one box at a time, anywhere up to three or even four boxes sorting up to five different shapes with everything changing all of the time. This is a good game to learn and practice valuble math skills. Whether its picture of the shape on the box, the lane the box is in, or the speed of the parts as they roll out, you can be assured that the only constant in this game is changing, and speed, and the fact that you work in a factory because the screen is that of a factory and it never changes.


On your mobile or desktop device use your finger to tap and drag your mouse to point and click.

Math Rush Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateOct 14, 2021
DeveloperMath Games

7803 plays


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