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The Impossible Quiz



Game Description

The Impossible Quiz is a classic brain teaser that will confuse you until your head hurts. This is the same puzzle game you may remember from your childhood. It’s still around and still as perplexing as ever. This is an online game that is full of twists and jokes that will get you frustrated but also make you laugh. Try to solve the entire quiz as quickly as you can. Can you solve it in a day? You can do it on your own or invite your friends to help you solve this crazy brain teaser.


How to play the game is fairly easy--whether or not you can beat it is the real dilemma. This is a quiz-style game with multiple choices for certain quizzes while others require you to think outside of the box. Use your mouse or finger to select the answer you believe is correct. Some answers require some thought and cleverness while other answers just require luck. You get three lives so use them wisely. If you lose all your lives, you have to start over. There will be a fair amount of trial and error as you make your way through the quiz, but that’s part of the fun!

The Impossible Quiz Gameplay

Content RatingTeen Caution
Release DateMay 4, 2007

88112504 plays


6 months ago

i got to level 41. my dad helped me out.


over 1 year ago

I like this very much its like they play my mind cause the trick is never to make sence k.o ever


over 1 year ago

I like this game because it is so fun to play and I have had fun .

flipzee games

almost 2 years ago

hard but great

flipzee games

almost 2 years ago

it's hard, but good


almost 2 years ago

its a great game. some of the levels (im looking at you, 59) are suuuper hard to beat. it took me an hour of only playing that one level to beat it. as of rn im only on 75, but i will beat this darn game if it kills me. (also- since flash is gone on #60 the anser is alway yes, bc it doent store the info anymore. ) over all 7/10 challenging but fun at the same time.


about 2 years ago

legendary game, but the 106 level is broken so it literally is impossible to beat this


about 2 years ago

The game is great but I can't get past #11


over 2 years ago

I love this game. highly recommended.


over 2 years ago

stopped on level 54