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Bubble Spinner



Game Description

Bubble Spinner is a game that will test your reflexes and coordination. Shoot the bubble and match it to its color to beat each level. This the classic casual Bubble Spinner game that well all remember. Toss a bubble and try to hit another that matches the color of your ball. When you hit a bubble, it will spin the circle giving you another area to hit. Sometimes you may not have a clear shot so use the walls to bounce the bubbles and get to the right area. Try to always hit a matching color with as little as bubbles as you can. This cute casual game is what you need to have mindless fun. The gray bubbles in the left-bottom corner let you know when you’ll get another bunch of bubbles that will be added to the circle. Every time you hit a bubble of the same color, they’ll disappear. Your goal is to get rid of all the bubbles. Once you do, the game will automatically reset and give you a whole new blob of bubbles to play with. If you start to bunch up the bubbles out of the space, then you’ll lose that game. Your points will be accumulated and show up in the upper tab. Try to beat your score each time.


Use your mouse to aim and click to fire your bubble. Match the color of your bubble to your target.

Bubble Spinner Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateNov 28, 2008

53942310 plays


6 months ago

Love this


over 2 years ago

I don't think I will ever improve on my low scores, not the game's fault though


over 2 years ago

I like the game, but would like to be able to compete with other players like with the original Bubble Spinner game.


almost 3 years ago

I had a score of 96K which beat my original PR of 59K but it is still not posted


about 3 years ago's ok but pretty boring


about 3 years ago

It excites me so much, I keep trying to improve.


over 3 years ago

This game is set up for you to loose.


over 3 years ago

NEEDS A MUSIC MUTE W/O MUTING SOUND EFFECTS!!! Other than that, it's a cool game.


over 3 years ago

keeps one coming back as not as easy as it looks


over 3 years ago

Great game, though need patience, and lots of it.