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Stickman Puzzle Slash



Game Description

Stickman Puzzle Slash is a free puzzle game where your objective is to get a stickman across the goal line. This online game has simple animation without fancy 3D graphics or complicated controls. Your stickman character is a wobbly mess that is literally hanging by a thread. There are 50 levels of this game ready to be solved by you! Click on the red items and watch your stickman character tumble and fumble through blocks and other obstacles. Sometimes the stickman is swinging and you need to free him at the right moment. Sometimes the stickman is completely still and you have to manipulate the items around him to make it work. This is definitely a brainteaser that gets harder and harder. New items are added like green bouncy stuff as you try to figure out the best way to toss the stickman out through the goal post. Click on High Scores from the main menu to see where you rank in this fun puzzle game!


To play this free puzzle game, pay attention to the in-game instructions. Your goal is to get your stickman character across a line without killing them. Red items can be removed by clicking on them. Blue items are static. Get stickman passed the screen to pass each level.

Stickman Puzzle Slash Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateMar 12, 2020

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over 2 years ago

I like the mix of timing and physics. There is one that's a little hard to pull off with a mouse (trackball). I had to cheat and run the ball with one hand and frantically click with the other. (The level with the cart going uphill over all the boxes.)