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Game Description is a shooter game. Rev your engine, load your weapon and lets rock and roll. In you may be on a boat but the vibe is anything but chill, no sir, in this game its kill or be killed as you speed through columns, avoid rocks, and try to keep yourself afloat just long enough to get in some kill shots. is a wet and wild ride with endless ammo and an aesthetic boat that should help you blast boredom. In you'll wanna run and gun because the other players are just as fast and just as deadly as you. There is no time to snipe and get the perfect shot. If you stay still too long you're liable to get hit by a more savvy player. You're gonna have to think like a shark, always moving, and always winning. If you want to be the perfect killing machine you'll have to marry your tactics to your aim. The reticule in this game is untethered from the boat itself, thus you can spray and pray any number of targets as you're going the other way. If someone gets on your six then just turn around and blast em.


W,A,S,D: Pilot your boat. Mouse: Aim the targeting reticule. Left Mouse Button: Fire Machine gun. Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateOct 3, 2019

23049 plays


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