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Game Description

Heavy is the speeder that steals the crown. We invite you to watch the throne in, an MMO arena battler where players slam into 3-D polygonal speeder ships and play a complicated game of tag. Steal the crown and then use your turbo-charged speeder to avoid being shot, smashed, and killed by your opponents. No matter how many players the game remains the same: Find the crown and wear it for as long as you can. In your pursuit of the current monarch, you can use your laser weapon to fire on them, or you can maneuver yourself into position to knock them into a wall. Your tactics will be as personalized as you want them to be, thus making your victory all the more fulfilling. In you re forced to navigate your neon racer through a bleak landscape of broken down obelisks. The future is a bleak, retro-obsessed wasteland where only fragmented remnants of the past remain. You will fight toe to toe, tooth, and nail against an army of opponents who seek the same fortune as you: the crown of forever. Once you possess this crown you will gain many points but you will also become a target. To steal the crown is divine, to wear it is an honor, and to lose it is a humiliation beyond comprehension. Fight as hard as you can against the laser striped interlopers who will stop at nothing to intercept your glory. Use every ounce of your will power, a little luck, and a lot of heart to blast your way up the leaderboard and show these peasants who truly rules over them. Game Instructions / How to Play: Use your mouse to navigate. Use your mouse to aim. Left mouse button: Fire Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateDec 15, 2018

7053 plays


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