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Ranger Steve might not be the good guy. In fact, when you play the arena shooter you learn pretty fast that there are no good guys: there is just you, your gun and the will to survive. Jump into a fun and furious arena shooter where all the weapons are already unlocked and you start off with a jet pack! Sound fun? It is, but it's dangerous as well! Your opponent will be able to take you out with one shot from their Barrington 50 cal, or maybe they will switch to their sidearm --a trusty rocket launcher. Don't worry, you'll have all of the same weapons at your disposal but it'll take time to master them. In you'll have tons of maps and endless lives to try over and over again. Each map is an aesthetic masterpiece. Find yourself shooting it out in an abandoned purple cave, on the back of a train, in the depths of a gold mine or any of the other random maps that will auto-generate. Each location offers a diverse set of obstacles, places to hide and ideal sniping positions. Your mastery of every weapon is inevitable as long as you don't give up. Click the 'Autospawn' box after you die and you won't have to wait very long in between your many inevitable deaths. If you like brutal, chaotic, fast-paced MMO shooters then is just the game you've been looking for, Ranger Steve as a person though? You might wanna stay away from him. Game Controls and Instructions: W,A,S,D: Move left, right, and jump. Mouse: Choose bearing. Left Mouse Button: Fire Right Mouse Button: Jet Pack Q: Switch Weapon. R: Reload. Open your menu in the right-hand corner of the game window and select the 'weapons' menu to customize your primary weapon and side arm.


Use your mouse or keyboard to play. See the in-game instructions for more details.

Ranger Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateJan 18, 2019

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