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Stick Freak



Game Description

Stick Freak is a reflex-based puzzle game. The game is simple. You are on a journey and you are moving left to right. That is it. That is all you have to do, of course, you'll have to move left to right while traversing canyons and cliffs and collecting diamonds. but that is the easy part. Manifest yourself a bridge out of thin air, grow it to the appropriate length and then use it to cross the gap. If it is too small you will fall into darkness and die. If it is too long you will fall into darkness and die. It requires an ability to judge distance, the character starts left and moves right. While crossing the bridges you will have the chance to earn bonus points by picking up diamonds. The diamonds are on the underside of the bridges you build, in order to grab them you will have to quickly switch sides on the bridge, grab the diamond, and switch back before you run into the rock face. This requires quick reflexes and a little luck. But the longer you play the better you get. So, strap into a world of adventure as you travel the world and become the ultimate stick freak.


Determine the length of the bridge you need in order to cross the canyons. Create the bridge by pressing and holding the left mouse button. When the bridge is long enough, release the button and let it fall. Cross the bridge. If there are diamonds underneath the bridge then quickly switch sides by clicking underneath the bridge, grab the diamonds, and switch back.

Stick Freak Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateSep 5, 2019

13129 plays


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