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Game Description

Nobody is a free browser-based platform game. In Nobody you're nobody. Feel the liberation and the freedom of being a nobody in a world full of nobodies, but, also accept the responsibility of navigating this platform-based puzzle game where you must use your W,A,S,D pad and the Arrow pAd independently of each other.  This is a game about making your way through a perilous cave-world filled with laser colored lava and bottomless pits. Since you're a nobody its going to be hard. You can't just run and jump and avoid stuff. Its not that simple anymore. You're also going to have to use the super-natural power of physics to harness your momentum and blast yourself across dead-end drops and up killer cliffs. Nobody is a game for everybody, a game for gamers, and a game for casual gamers. It is a game about surviving, thriving, and having fun so get running, get blasting and yee ha.


A,D: Move left or right. W,A,S,D: Hold to aim your blaster, release to be blastd in the opposit direction.

Nobody Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateApr 16, 2020
DeveloperMatthew Hobbs

14979 plays


about 1 year ago

i love it


almost 2 years ago

cool game and all.... but can you add a menu? or some way to restart? I have to refresh the page every time I want to play again