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Game Description

Tailspin is a free 2-D shooter game. The harrowing world of aerial combat is made real in this visceral game of dogfights and jousts. You'll play as the Red Baron and go against an ever-increasing amount of planes and pilots who are dead set on taking you down. Become a true ace in this world war 1 themed shooting game where only the strongest will survive. You won't have much more to rely on that your crosshairs and your piloting skills as you fly through levels of increasing difficulty. Don't expect to upgrade yourself into the stratosphere by buying newer and more powerful weapons. The fun and the challenge of Tailspin is that you're stuck with one gun and you're just gonna have to get good at using it, dodging attacks, and tracking enemy fighters. Watch that crossfire, take dead aim on the lead plane, and break their formation as you blast your way into the history books. One day future generations will have computer-guided missiles and target locks. But here and now there is no jet fuel or hellfire missiles. There is just you, your throttle stick, a machine gun, and a little grit. Use it. Own it. And take control of the skies like the Ace you are.


W,A,S,D or Arrow Pad to maneuver. F to fire.

Tailspin Gameplay

Content RatingTeen+
Release DateFeb 6, 2020
DeveloperLittle City Games

800787 plays

Jairo elias 08

over 2 years ago

super good game


over 3 years ago

not a very good game and a dog fight wannabe


over 3 years ago

noob game worst game on here

Sergent Nathan Hale

over 3 years ago

its way better than dog fight


over 3 years ago

i liked it its pretty fun


over 3 years ago

i giv it a 4.5/10


over 3 years ago

heres a level code bananah


over 3 years ago

good but some levels are very hard


over 3 years ago

eh its too slow and the graphics stink


over 3 years ago

ditto worst game ever