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Sweet Candy Mania



Game Description

Sweet Candy Mania is a cute shooter game. This candy dispenser is full of all of your favorite candies and you cannot help but empty it completely out! There are various candies to choose from like chocolate, mint, lemon, and raspberry flavors.  Each level has its own goals with limited moves. For instance, you may need to get rid of all the raspberry candies on one level. Complete all the objectives of each level to earn all three stars. There are 50 levels of this bubble shooter game for you to unlock. Play through each level with this cute shooter game to remove all of the candies from the candy machine. 


To play this action game, aim and shoot the candies towards other matching candies. The candies must hit at least 2 or more matching candies to be removed. Click on the pink arrow if you need to swap out the candies for a better show. The fewer shots you use to solve each level, the better your score. If you run out of moves or made a mistake, you can restart the entire game. Find the number at the bottom and the purple bar at the top to keep track of your moves.

Sweet Candy Mania Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateJul 27, 2021

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