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Dart Master



Game Description

Dart Master is a free target game. Darts are a classic age-old game of physics and skill. Where you must master your hand-eye coordination to overcome the tyranny of gravity and land shot after shot of bullseyes to beat your competitor. But that was ages ago, the game has changed. Now in the 21st century, you won't just be throwing one dart at one board. Oh no, friend. you will be throwing, multiple darts at multiple boards and here is the kicker: the boards are moving. This is 2021 and everything has changed the world is a different beast than it was even five years ago. While the effects of gravity and physics are no different they have become more pronounced and more obnoxious as you must equally concur with the added dimension of moving dart boards and multiple dartboards. If you still think that you can land a bullseye under these conditions then you must be crazy. the fact is only the best dart-throwers can land bullseyes under optimal conditions and now things have gone totally crazy. This is a game that will challenge your hand-eye coordination, your patience, your timing, your grasp of gravity, and possibly even your mental well-being.


On your mobile device of desktop computer please use your finger to point and tap your mouse to point and click. Your goal is to hit as many of the bullseyes as possible without missing a single board.

Dart Master Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateNov 25, 2021
DeveloperMarket JS

30514 plays


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