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Bubble Woods



Game Description

Bubble Woods is a free shooting game with cute and colorful animation. Help out this adorable squirrel as she works through the night trying to blow up all the bubbles in the woods. There are several levels in this online game waiting to be beaten by you! Aim your bubble at the crowd of bubbles as it slowly comes down and giving you more of a challenge. Don’t let it come down past your character or else you’ll lose before time is up! As you unlock levels, there are boosts you can also unlock that help you gain higher scores. For instance, the first boost is a timer that you can use to increase your time playing the levels. You can also earn boosts during the game like the fire cannon that will blast all the bubbles no matter the color. For every level you pass, the leaderboard will dropdown to let you know where you stand against other bubble shooter players.


To play this free shooting game, use your mouse or finger to aim and hit another bubble of the same color. If you’re not getting the bubble you need, you can click on the cannon to switch it out with the next bubble.

Bubble Woods Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateFeb 27, 2020

54874 plays

The Phatman

9 months ago

Where did my scores disappear to?

The Phatman

10 months ago

guys we can't see the game with the new ad bar come on


about 1 year ago

I enjoyed this game until I kept playing it, and it kept freezing (usually right at the end) so I loose my score and everything. its frustrating. I see people below saying the same thing over a month ago and still not fixed. Would be much more enjoyable if it didn't glitch out/freeze every other level. even more frustrating when I use my coins to get boosts and get a high better.

The Phatman

about 1 year ago

Fun Game but freezes a lot in higher levels.


over 1 year ago

this game got lots of levels