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Bubble Paradise



Game Description

Bubble Paradise is a bubble shooter game that is easy to play. Enter into this cute paradise with a helpful zebra who will show you the way. Through the waterfall, you will find a group of bubbles that you need to destroy! This game is fairly easy, just aim and shoot at matching bubbles. As you shoot the bubbles, more bubbles will be added to the bunch and it will begin coming down. Whatever you do, do not let the bubbles pass the white-dotted line! As you keep playing, you will sometimes find power-ups like bombs that will let you blast the group no matter what color they are. Blast as many bubbles as you can for the best score possible! Play the game over and over by challenging yourself and beating your best score every time. Click on the scores icon to drop down the list of the high scorers of this bubble shooter game. Will you make the list? 


To play this cute shooter game, click and aim with your mouse or finger. Aim for bubbles of the same color as the one you are shooting. Ideally, you want to match 3 or more bubbles. The more you match, the better your score.

Bubble Paradise Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateJun 17, 2021
DeveloperTrue Valhalla

32225 plays


over 2 years ago

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