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Knife Rain



Game Description

Knife Rain is a free cute-shooter game. Knives were made for throwing and with 'Knife Rain' that is just what you'll do. In Knife Rain, you'll pass level after level to unlock different types of items to throw. Knives, wrenches, spatulas, it never ends. Each object becomes a deadly weapon in your hands and just another tool on your journey to becoming the ultimate Knife thrower. The top of the leaderboard is waiting for you, it's calling out, it wants you to make it, you need to appease the shouts and the whines of the leader board by aiming, firing, and being as accurate as you are fast. This is a cute-shooter style game that will require you to steady your aim, and fire with rock-solid precision at the targets square and true. Some of the targets are atomic cells, some are logs of wood, and some are even cartoon-style bombs but all of them have one thing in common: they are your enemy and they are spinning endlessly into oblivion. Only you have the power to chop them open with a few well-aimed shots of your knives. 


On a desktop computer use your left mouse button to fire at the spinning log. On a mobile device tap the screen in order to launch a knife.

Knife Rain Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateOct 29, 2020

149439 plays


over 3 years ago