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Storm Ops 2: Desert Storm



Game Description

Storm Ops 2: Desert Storm is a free sniper game. Another day, another base to defend from the bad guys in Storm Ops 2: Desert Storm, the sequel to the original Storm Ops. Much like the first game, all you have to do to win is to prevent your base from being destroyed by taking out each wave of attacks. There are 25 waves, but you can keep going for extra bragging rights. Earn money by defeating enemies, and use that money to buy items from the shop between waves. You’ll need them too once the game throws more difficult enemies at you, like helicopters and ATVs.


Like most first-person games of this nature, use your mouse to aim, and your left mouse button to fire. Reload with R, change your fire mode with F, and use V to peek over your sights (great if you’re using a bigger weapon).

Storm Ops 2: Desert Storm Gameplay

Content RatingTeen Caution
Release DateJan 13, 2012
Developer3KG Games

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about 4 years ago

yes but do not play thing arena2 or3


about 4 years ago

yeaah this game u got to shoot the people WOW


about 4 years ago

wtf wont load just staying at a white screen


about 4 years ago

wow! when im shooting someone its laggin out!!!!!!


about 4 years ago

worst game i have played in my life


about 4 years ago

whoops i shot u


about 4 years ago

where is my blankie


about 4 years ago

what a sniper


about 4 years ago

wave 22


about 4 years ago

wave 12 is too hard but its a good game