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Unblock That



Game Description

Unblock That is a block sliding puzzle game. You will be faced with a level full of floating blocks. Your mission is to ensure that the one darker block finds its way from the inside of the court to the exit on the outside of the board. In order to do this, you will have to drag the remaining blocks up, down, left, or right in order to make room. You need to clear a path in as few moves as possible in order to secure a victory for your this game. It is not easy but it is fun. If you think you're smarter than a pile of wood, then step on up.


Use your mouse to click on the various light colored wooden blocks. Your job is to select and move them so you can create a straight line for the dark colored block to safely exit the game. It is a tough but noble job.

Unblock That Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateJun 20, 2019

45976 plays

Maggie Dentler

over 1 year ago

You have to play the first 60 games again before you can get to the next level then when you quit repeat.

Maggie Dentler

over 1 year ago

Disappointed that my progress was erased between sessions.