The Palace Hotel



Game Description

The Palace Hotel is a hidden object game that takes place in a mysterious hotel. Something odd is going on here at the Palace Hotel, and you are just the detective needed to find out what is happening. Belongings of the guest have gone missing and they may be hidden among odd places around the hotel’s property. Vases, purses, hats, and even jewelry have all gone missing! Use your magnifying glass to find all the items on the list. There are 10 levels in this hidden object game for you to solve. Each level is timed so you must search quickly in order to unlock the next level. Submit your score at the end of the game to see your rank, and to see if you are one of the top players. 


To play this puzzle game, look at the bottom for the images of the items you must find. Once you find an item, a new one may take its place for you to find. You can pinch or long-click to zoom in on the images. Your hint is limited to one and it will remove points from your score so use it wisely. If you take a wrong guess, then you will lose time on the timer.

The Palace Hotel Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateSep 2, 2021
DeveloperNeon Games

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