Teleporting Kittens



Game Description

Get rid of all the bad dogs! Click on two animals to exchange their positions. Earn three stars on each level.


See in-game instructions.

Teleporting Kittens Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateOct 1, 2015

74378 plays


almost 5 years ago

this game... ughhh


almost 5 years ago

it was good and kind of bad


almost 5 years ago

if u like games listen to megalovania


almost 5 years ago

i can't get past level four help

Cerise Hood

almost 5 years ago

It's very Cute !!!


almost 8 years ago

Well, this game is very similar to other games in a way. There's always one object that needs to go somewhere, touch something, or get off the screen. But at the same time, this game is difficult! I have only played to level 3 and I have failed numerous times! So I would have to say that Teleporting Kittens is a fairly recognisable game, but at the same time something all together different.


almost 8 years ago

u aal sacures donte leak dis game soe I donte leak dis game :(


about 8 years ago

it's alright but it can be really frustrating at it sometimes. If I can pick a side it would probably be in the middle but that isn't the case so I pick I don't like it


about 8 years ago

all u ppl that don't like this are crazy I mean, come on! the r sooooo cuuute!!


about 8 years ago

it is really boring and doesnt seem like it has any point. you arent really trying to do anything and it doesnt really make sense.