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Scary Mathventure



Game Description

Scary Mathventure is an educational game that incorporates puzzles and math practice. Sometimes studying can burn you out so it is good to take breaks here and there. This online game lets you play a level and then requires you to solve 5 math problems before unlocking the next level. There are 30 levels of Scary Mathventure for you to play. You can choose math skills that vary from preschool to 8th grade. There is addition, algebra, decimals, and fractions for you to study. The online game itself is a puzzle game where you must figure out how to remove each bomb in the picture with a limited amount of ghosts and paths. Each level comes with its own challenges like needing to grab keys in order to unlock certain doors. Do not hesitate to play this fun math game! 


To play this math game, solve the maze-like puzzle by shift the ghost to catch each bomb in the game. If you shift a ghost to the side, it will go all the way to the end until it hits a wall. A bomb will make a ghost disappear so use your ghosts wisely. Once you have solved a level, you will be given questions for the math skill you select. Solve 5 correctly and you will unlock the next level.

Scary Mathventure Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateOct 21, 2020
DeveloperMath Games

11649 plays


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