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Roll this Ball is a sliding tile puzzle game for clever gamers. Soon all the world will be tiled and only those who know how to roll will be succesful, will you be a roller? This game is a sliding tile puzzle where you must map out and navigate a boll from one point to another. At its heart the game is all aabout simplke point to point movement on one haand, but on the other you're going to have to tactically ascertain which tiles to move and where. The entirety of the board will be visible to you at all times so technically it shouldn't be too hard but you'd be surprised! See, this is a tricky game. Not only are you trying to figure out the correct path and slide the various tiles in the right direction to make it happen but you're  trying to do it in as few moves as possible and not get yourself all screwed up by re-arranging the available tiles. Its hard word, its smart work, and its important work. But you can do it if you're smart enough.


Please use your mouse to click on and drag the available tiles. You want to try and line up the indented path so that the ball can roll from point a to point b. Be careful not to move the tiles around too much while you're figuring it out, you might have it restart.

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Content RatingUnrated
Release DateJun 6, 2019

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