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Do you consider yourself to be a worldly person? What do you know about Africa? Could you find it on a map? What about the individual countries within Africa? This is important, it is a test. 'Africa' is the latest quiz game in our continuing series on world geography. We've brought you the world, we've brought you the United States, and now we're bringing you the cradle of civilization: Africa. Can you find Chad? What about Nigeria? Think fast: where is Kenya? Do you know? You should! The ability to find a country on a map is honorable and shows a real commitment to awareness about the world and the people in it!


Please use your mouse to click on and through the various in-game menus. In this game, you will be asked questions which refer to the location of all the countries in Africa. You will then use your mouse to select the geographical area that is the correct answer. This game is timed and you will be scored based on your ability to answer fast and accurately. You will also get unlimited chances to make the correct choice, however, the longer you take and the more wrong answers you reply with: the more like you are to get a wonky score. Answer fast but please, also answer accurately.

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