Number Crusher



Game Description

Number Crusher is an action game combined with math practice. Studying without breaks can be hard, that is why these math games were designed to give you some fun time. Help this demolition man get through all the blocks to finish the job. Breakthrough the blocks while collecting stars and gems. You must go as fast as you can to avoid getting your character pushed to the top of the screen. Once you played a game, answer math questions to practice the skills you need to work on. There are various math skills available to practice from preschool to the eighth grade. This is a great math game to help give you bursts of lessons with breaks in between.


To play this educational game, use your finger or mouse to break through the blocks. Wooden blocks are easy to get through but cement and metal blocks take longer. Blocks with yellow and black stripes cannot be broken. Look for boosters such as bombs that will have you crush through the blocks faster or help you clear out all the blocks in your area. To unlock a game session, you must answer 5 math questions correctly. You can change your math skill at any point during the game or lesson.

Number Crusher Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateAug 5, 2021
DeveloperMath Games

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