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Game Description is changing the game when it comes to free online games. Are you sick of waging a simulataed  war for a pretend cause? Have you clicked, gathered, and built an entire metropolis worth of artificalhomes in your own personal little Matrix? Are you sick of all the upgrades, the violence, the war, and the first person arena combat?  Well, understaands. In fact has been there and they want you to join them where they are now! is basically a party game like Telestrations or Pictionary where you will be pitted against legions of other players in real time. After being given a clue, opposing players will draw some kind of picture. You will have to guess that picture, and the first person to get it right wins! Easy, fun, non-violent. Proof that you can climb the leaderboard in more ways than one. When your turn comes around you'd better be sure to draw that clue to the best o9f your abilities because the quicker your opponenet guesses the more points you get! Funny, isn't it. You're kind of competing to win but you have to kind of work together to do so. 

Instructions is a game where you use your mouse to draw a picture for other players to guess. When it's not your turn you will use your keyboard to enter guesses about the picture the other person is drawing. Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateMay 29, 2019

29314 plays


over 1 year ago

It is a good way to make friends, really fun, and I really like it>