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Game Description is a free iogame. It is time to open the beach. There is no reason to keep the beach closed, we have the fourth of July party coming up. Surely, you must know how important it is to keep the beaches open, for the sake of the city. Yes, a few tourists might get eaten. That is fine, basically, that is the risk everyone takes when becoming a tourist. As a man-eating shark, you are uniquely positioned to benefit from a busy open beach during the summer. The humans offer no resistance and you can pick them off one at a time until you are full. And once you're full, you evolve. Become a bigger shark, become a different shark. Go from small tiger shark to giant hammerhead. It doesn't have to make sense because it is fun and the animations are cool.

Eat as many of the hapless tourists as you can avoid the other sharks who are trying to eat you and take a bite out of them if they try and get too familiar. Remember: there is always a bigger fish and with some hard work, determination and a little luck you can be that bigger fish.


Use your mouse to steer the shark, it will move automatically. Press the left mouse button to speed up and catch humans and avoid other sharks. Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateApr 23, 2020
DeveloperGame Monetize

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about 2 years ago

If you just stay away from the other sharks until you grow 2 or 3x, it gets much easier. If you do not see a shark on the screen, then you are safe. Eat as much as possible, both people and fish to grow faster. Don't try to eat sharks unless you are sure you are bigger, they will eat you instead. Sharks the same size cannot eat you and you cannot eat them. Hope this helps make this game a bit easier and more fun.


over 2 years ago



over 2 years ago

This game is okay. Their is WAY to many ads and its way to easy to die. I ate 2 people and then its impossible to out-swim the big guys!