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Game Description is a multiplayer robot fighting game. In this battle game, you play as a robot and play on a team of 4. There are 4 teams and each one is named after a color. Your goal is to take control over most or all or most of the 5 capture points. This game requires teamwork so make sure to strategize with your team on how to best tackle this game. Invite your friends to battle it out against robots! To gain XP in, you can kill other players and take over capture points. With your XP, you can buy useful upgrades and other weapons. Remember you have two weapons that you can use to crush your enemies. Experiment with them and find out which work best for different tactics. For instance, shotguns are great for close shots, and grenades can bounce off the walls to indirectly kill other players. Be careful not to blow yourself up with your own weapon though. Flamethrowers can be used to start small fires and slow down other players. If you’re damaged, there are small repair cabins on the corners of the map. Use your mouse and keyboard to navigate through Game Instructions: Currently, this game is only playable on desktop platform. Use W, A, S, D to move your robot. Aim with mouse. Shoot left and right weapons with left and right mouse buttons. Spacebar to sprint. SHIFT to activate shield. Press B to open shop menu. Press Esc to change sound/fullscreen/quality settings. Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateDec 6, 2018

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Jambie Lionheart

over 1 year ago

You rarely get a team of 4 now. I'm not sure how it might have been when it first came out and I'm fairly certain that most of the opponents now are just bots. I enjoy it, somewhat, but largely as a sinle player time burner.