Pirates Slay



Game Description

Do battle with the pirates and take their gold. Don't forget to buy upgrades to make yourself even more lethal!


Use mouse and keyboard or the on screen controls to play.

Pirates Slay Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateJun 22, 2017
DeveloperSanjeev Mehtha

25217 plays


almost 6 years ago

This game is horribly buggy. The character will go straight through platforms, the game over screen will appear as you randomly walk along, enemies sometimes move through the hero without damage, food does not restore health (or serve any purpose), there are no promised upgrades anywhere, the jump button will not respond correctly half the time when the hero is on a sloped platform, there is an unexplained gain in coins every time you restart… basically, this needs to be fixed in depth.


almost 6 years ago

don't see anyplace to buy upgrades, controls are weird