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Squirrel Bubble Shooter



Game Description

Squirrel Bubble Shooter is a  fun action game. The life of a squirrel is probably a lot harder than you might first think. See, squirrels aren't like you and me, they can't just go to a grocery store when they get hungry. No, when squirrel feels its first pangs of hunger it must load up its collection of nuts and head over to the bubble machine. There they are forced to fire off their nut and hope they can hit a series of like-colored bubbles in order to bring down the larger bubble structure. For this, they will be rewarded with points which can be traded for goods like food. In order to be well fed, squirrels have to practices by bouncing the acorn off of the wall in order to get more and more points. You can also target the various bubbles head on but such a tactic will only work some of the time. Remember, this game is not designed to be easy, for if it was it wouldn't be much of a game would it? Have fun as you aim, fire and score your way to victory in this super cute, light, and fun bubble shooter.


Please use your mouse or pointer finger to aim the reticule where you want to go before firing off an acorn in order to soak up some points.

Squirrel Bubble Shooter Gameplay

Content RatingTeen+
Release DateJun 27, 2019
DeveloperNeon Games

23162 plays

Dana Fields

about 2 years ago

Not my favorite