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Zoo Animals



Game Description

Zoo Animals is a cute puzzle game where you get to put together the faces of animals. If you’re an animal lover, and you know what they look like, then this is a fun game to test your knowledge. This is a colorful online game with a jungle-themed background. Drag and move pieces of various cylinders to match them up with the top or the side of an animal’s face or body. There are boosts like dynamite that you can put together to get rid of pieces columns. Every so often you will see a red exclamation mark that will warn you that another piece is falling down and in which column it will be placed. Your goal is to put together enough animals to advance to the next level. There are several levels of this game waiting to be solved by you! You can find your score, level, and the timer in the right-hand corner. Each level is timed and you need to reach a certain score before you can go to the next level. 


To play this puzzle game, you can drag and move around pieces to match and finish the faces of the animal they are representing. Pieces can be moved together and can be placed over any piece.

Zoo Animals Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateApr 30, 2020
DeveloperNeon Games

35815 plays


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