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Game Description

WormBird is a free puzzle game. Is it a word, is it a bird? Only those players brave enough to play the game will ever find out. Wormbird is a platform-style puzzle game where players must wiggle their way through a series of horizontal mazes. As the Wormbird you will be forced to overcome a series of blocks, crushing gears, spinning saw-blades, drops, peaks, and swinging blades. In your journey, you will have the opportunity to pick up coins, keys, and other items as you explore the multi-level ruins of this dystopian island. Each level ends with a swirling rainbow vortex that you must seek out and pass through in order to end the adventure. The levels get progressively harder and feature more and more mechanics which complicate the game as well as make it more fun. We are proud to present you with this great puzzle game about a mysterious new cryptid, the Wormbird.


On your mobile or desktop device please use your finger to tap and drag in order to control the Wormbird. If you are on a desktop computer please use the arrow pad to navigate the Wormbird. In order to end each level you must move to and through the spinning rainbow vortex.

WormBird Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateNov 18, 2021
DeveloperCastello Games

11150 plays


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