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Voxel Bot



Game Description

Voxel Bot is a free puzzle game. Help your Voxel Bot survive by jumping around the cubes and displacing the colors as best you can. In this 2D puzzle game, you'll be tasked with the fun proposition of turning all of the cube platforms to their secondary color by jumping on and off of them in the correct order. Once you accomplish this you'll be able to advance to the next level. Careful not to jump yourself into a corner and end the level. It is a fun game that will take planning, strategy, and a little bit of on the ground tactics. Never has solving cube based puzzles been so fun or so cute as in this platform-puzzler. Jump your way to victory and capture the various items on each level. Avoid the bad guys and make sure you're always one, two, or three steps ahead of yourself in this ultra-fun desktop puzzle game where physics, cubes, and you will determine your destiny. Some levels will featuyre an enemy or obstacle which can only be overcome by jumling on certain cubes. This will require skill and experience and become progressivley harder with each passing level. Stay strong and hold on and you'll figure it out.


Use your arrow pad to jump the Voxel Bot Up, Down, Left, or Right. Avoid obstacles and don't jump yourself into a corner.

Voxel Bot Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateNov 26, 2020
DeveloperTM Nannnings

21867 plays


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