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Pipe Riders



Game Description

The future is just neon grids forever, all rolled up in a series of pipes. Your job is to hop on your laser bike and ride those pipes. Pipe riding is the only noble profession left in the post-apocalypse, and you might as well be the best at it! Think fast and move faster as you roll, accelerate, and dodge your way through a spinning, one point perspective style pipe ride. The lights are bright, the pipes are tight, and if you wanna win you'll have to fight. Keep your pedal to the metal and zoom through this vaporwave inspired series of first-person puzzles. Remember, live by the pipe or die by the pipe. The pipe knows all, the pipe is all.


Up/Down or W,S keys to increase or decrease your speed. Left, Right, or A and D keys to move left or right. The faster you get the harder it will be to dodge the neon obstacles as they pop up. However, if you slow down you'll lose precious time. Learn to balance the two and master the pipe.

Pipe Riders Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateAug 5, 2011
DeveloperOslo Albet

2588986 plays


over 3 years ago



over 3 years ago

wy does it freeze when it gets to the picture?

joker 954

over 3 years ago

wow my eyes i love this game


over 3 years ago

wouldve been even more cool if it was like tron


over 3 years ago

wont even load , WTF ! I wanna try it .. :P


over 3 years ago

won't load but, it looks fun.


over 3 years ago

whos tyler roach?


over 3 years ago

wayyyyyyyyyyyy too slow and boring!!!!!!!


over 3 years ago

very good game black is alittle hard though


over 3 years ago

unplayable u can not start the game