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Block Blast Slide



Game Description

Block Blast Slide is a free block game. We all love to block, we love to blast, and most importantly, we love to slide. Well, lucky for you, we've developed a game that involves blocks, blasting, and slides. We call the game Block Blast Slide, which is a real puzzle banger. In this game, your job is to slide blocks left or right to complete a line. Once complete, the line disappears and gives you room. You'll need that room because as the blocks build up, they reach toward the ceiling, and if they touch, it's game over. How long can you slide and blast these blocks? Only time will tell. 


On your desktop computer, please use your mouse to point, click, and slide the selected blocks. On your mobile device, please use your finger to tap, hold, and slide the selected blocks.

Block Blast Slide Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateFeb 29, 2024

14181 plays


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