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Game Description is a stick game. In the dark world of the sky is falling and you need to survive. Of course, what looks like asteroids. What you think are solid stones falling from the sky are in reality, giant sentient tangerines hell-bent on destroying all life on earth. In this game, you'll have to avoid the tangies by running, jumping, and collecting various upgrades. You will be competing with other players for the few and the precious upgrades which fall from the sky. It is a cut-throat world out there and you have to survive. Do you have what it takes to out outlast and outlive the other players? Can you avoid the falling tangies, the bouncing tangies, the tangie shrapnel, and the tangie bombs which will explode all around you? This is a dangerous world, a world of flying fruit and dying stick men. It is not for the weak. Only the strong will survive and become the ultimate victor. Pleasse do not just stand in the corner of the screen though, that is bad.


Use your mouse to run back and forth across the screen and avoid the falling tangies. Jump by pressing the left mouse button and be sure to be the first playere to pick up the falling items. Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateNov 21, 2019

33148 plays

edwin antonio

almost 4 years ago