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Game Description

Are you sick of going it alone in arena after arena of MMO shooters? Ever want to try something new, something different, something where you're not alone against hundreds of players from around the world? Ever wanted to join a gang and make some waves? Then is the game for you. There is no individual gain without cooperative effort. While most MMO games focus on you the player as an individual and your struggles against opposing individuals, has a different approach. What if you weren't a man, but a leader. Around you were an army of followers who depended on you for guidance and survival? After all, left alone long enough, all any of us can really hope to do is die. There is community in numbers, there is aid in numbers and inevitably if you handle your resources properly, follow a strategy, and get lucky: there is power in numbers. And you'll need all the resources, strategy, luck and power you can get your hands on if you wanna win this one. Upgrade your mob to smash your opponents and develop strange new abilities. You can take over land, hunt for resources and build an entire civilization. But, so can your opponents. While you're hunting they're crafting. While you're crafting, they're attacking, while you're attacking, they're upgrading. While the action in starts off slow the conflict is as inevitable as it is brutal. Eventually, your legion of Elves is going to switch from killing raccoons to fighting Wizards or hunting deer to hunting Dwarves. Such is the story of nature, the story of life, and the story of death. Instructions: W,A,S,D: Move 1,2,3,4: Select Right Mouse Button: Gather Resource Left Mouse Button: Attack


Use your mouse or keyboard to play. See the in-game instructions for more details. Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateJan 18, 2019

33045 plays


almost 5 years ago

I cant connect to facebook pls fix it!!


about 5 years ago

Keeps losing your progress so you must start all over. Too bad