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Undead Survival Test



Game Description

Have you ever wondered how well you’d fare in an actual zombie apocalypse? Do you have what it takes to survive, or maybe even thrive? This 40-question test will help you discover just how well you’d do! It will even tell you the type of role you’d be best suited for, be it technician or medic. Most of the questions are multiple choice, but occasionally, you’ll get a question that tests some skill you have. Those play out like quick little minigames to see how well you do. After you’ve answered all 40 questions, you’ll be graded on how well you answered the multiple choice questions, how well you performed during the minigames, and you’ll also see your best role.


All you have to do is answer the questions (the more truthful, the better)! Do note, that the test has sudden images that might frighten you, and one of the questions has flashing images. If you’re sensitive to such things, take note!

Undead Survival Test Gameplay

Content RatingTeen Caution
Release DateDec 10, 2010
DeveloperCrooked Alley

2013959 plays

Royal White Tiger

over 2 years ago

I literally DIED. I do not have the chance of surviving a zombie apocalypse. #AmmidietDeathForMe.


over 3 years ago

you went in the right room?


over 3 years ago

yes I will survive with an A, as it should be


over 3 years ago

wow i got one f and straight a's and b's (:


over 3 years ago

woot A im a surviver =P


over 3 years ago

why die at end?


over 3 years ago

what was in the silver door?


over 3 years ago

waffles...are good


over 3 years ago

um i die immediatly and reanimate


over 3 years ago

u can find me in da club listenin' to dub(step)