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Zombies vs Halloween



Game Description

Zombies vs Halloween is a fun and exciting zombie game where you’re the only cowboy in town willing to fight off the living undead. It’s already a lawless land out here in the west but suddenly there’s a zombie apocalypse. Unfortunately for the zombies, they’re up against one of the toughest cowboys in town who isn’t willing to let them take over. For every level, you have a goal of either gaining supplies, killing zombies, or saving other humans. Protect yourself but also save any damsels or gentlemen in distress by killing the zombies before they get to them. After you’ve earned enough coins, head over to the shop to either buy a new weapon or upgrade current ones. You can also purchase support that will have healing kits and other useful items. Don’t miss out on this action zombie game set in the wild wild west!


To play this zombie game, click on the space button to attack and the arrow keys to navigate your character. To obtain a crate or item, simply walk over to it. Pay attention to the green arrows as they will let you know from which direction the zombies are coming from. During gameplay, look at the upper tab to see the number of bullets and health you have left.

Zombies vs Halloween Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateOct 31, 2019

66345 plays


over 3 years ago

Hello! I am currently working on making honest reviews for every game on this website. This game is particular is very fun. You use the arrow keys to move around and jump, while you use the space bar to attack. You have a variety of different levels and upgrades. You start out with a wooden plank with nails stuck to it to a pistol! You only have so much ammo so keep completing levels to earn coins and spend the coins on upgrades. I hope this helped you out!