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Road of the Dead 2



Game Description

Road of the Dead 2 is a free zombie game. Put the pedal to the metal and survive on a road overrun by zombies in this racing action game. Pick your driver, equip any necessary items, and hit the road. Your goal is to simply survive and get out of town, but as you might imagine, plowing through both zombies and obstacles won’t have you surviving for too long before your vehicle explodes. The name of the game, aside from Road of the Dead 2, is survival. Both you and your vehicle. There’s no hoofing it in this game. Along this road of zombies, you’re saving civilians, purchasing items and perks, and repairing your car. Before you begin, though, you get to pick who’s driving, and who is the one defending against the zombies. You play as both of them at once, but they each have different items.


All things considered, Road of the Dead 2 plays much like a first-person action game. The only difference is that instead of moving on foot, you’re in a vehicle. As such, WASD controls the vehicle, and the mouse aims/fires. The space bar can be used to swerve the vehicle, and to interact with stops. You’ll see points of interest approaching as you drive toward them, and if you don’t brake quickly enough with S, then you’ll overshoot the stop and miss it entirely. Ultimately, the better you do, the more RP you’ll earn, and the more you can upgrade your characters and vehicle to allow you to survive for longer.

Road of the Dead 2 Gameplay

Content RatingTeen Caution
Release DateFeb 15, 2017
DeveloperEvil-Dog Productions

212860 plays


over 3 years ago

Its better then the first game but the zombies have like a 85% chance of them getting on your car but still it good!


almost 4 years ago

Its a nostalgic feeling when playing.


about 5 years ago

The game was good, slightly harder with the driving carefully in the city together with the shooting the tough zombies its really a lot of work


over 5 years ago

it was good but road to death 1 was better tho

Sans Skeleton

over 5 years ago

You Can Review 2 Times On One Game Casey...


over 5 years ago



over 5 years ago

Great game, but zombies are a little too hard


over 5 years ago

An excellent follow up to Road of the Dead 1!


over 5 years ago

An excellent follow up to Road of the Dead 1!

Sans Skeleton

over 6 years ago

Sup...I Love This Game!It's Cool And It's Bloody And Gory!