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This game does not support mobile devices.

Zombie Trailer Park



Game Description

Zombie Trailer Park is a free tower defense game. It’s the end of the world. Zombies have taken over, and your trailer park is the last bastion of humanity. It’s up to you to ensure that it survives. Build up your trailer to recruit more people to help defend against the overwhelming undead. Be on the lookout for the special zombies that can really push back your advancing army! Destroy the zombie base to beat each level, and then move onto the next one. They get progressively harder, so make sure that your group of friendly trailer park residents are up to the task!


Playing this strategy game is as easy as it is fun! Zombies will continually flood out of the zombie base, so you’ll need to create units to hold them back, and eventually destroy their base before they can destroy yours! Create Salvage Yards to make more money, and Trailers to be able to create more units! (Do note that the tooltips for each of these buildings are reversed. Don’t let that throw you off!) The more zombies you defeat, the greater your Yee-Haw score becomes, and you can then use special abilities to give you the upper hand over the zombies! To win, just keep clicking, and building, and creating units, and you’ll eventually be the victor in this tug of war! And if you find everything too slow, you can increase the speed with the arrows in the top right.

Zombie Trailer Park Gameplay

Content RatingTeen+
Release DateJan 11, 2011
DeveloperNinja Kiwi Games

6300082 plays


4 months ago

Wish it was a mobile game tho


over 4 years ago

fun game

wild cat 315

over 5 years ago

you are cool too


over 5 years ago

yeah right kane 183 i beat the game in 40 mins


over 5 years ago

where's the sound??


over 5 years ago

where is the sound?

kuro ninja 316

over 5 years ago

welli know what to do durin zombie comin


over 5 years ago

u a gril yes or no


over 5 years ago

twlight rock,s it is so cool it is!


over 5 years ago

try the Undead Survival Test