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Game Description

Boxhead 2 is ta free online combat games. Lock and load your favorite item, take on the whole world in slo mode or tag in a friend to blast away at the competition back to back like in your favorite action movie. The choice is yours! Customize your character, unlock the items and upgrades you need to defeat your opponents and the cool skins and hats you want to look cool: just like in real life! The real cool thing about Boxhead 2 is that unlike most free online action games, this game allows you to share the link with your friend and become an unbeatable dynamic duo! You'll be going toe to toe with other players from around the world. Some will be solo aandsome will be duo's. This kind of competition is the perfect way to test your skills against real human opponents. Even the best AI can be defeaated through simple human cunning and rational thinking, but people? Real live honest to goodness human beings sitting on the other side of the scrreen? They are going to require a little bit more gumption than your average non player character! 

Do you have what it takes? Does your team mate have what it takes? Will you work with a friend who is a thousand miles away or cosy up together in the same room? The choice is yours!


Boxhead 2 features the instructions on how to play it within the game itself, however, we'll give you a clue here: W,A,S,D or the arrow pad to move. Space Bar to shoot. Game on friends, game on!

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Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateApr 30, 2015
DeveloperSean Cooper

12050491 plays


over 2 years ago

very good


over 5 years ago

you got love it


over 5 years ago

wow only level 2 i lasted 2 like 7


over 5 years ago

wow amazing


over 5 years ago

would be better if could play online with ppl


over 5 years ago

whats up!


over 5 years ago

two words EPIC!!


over 5 years ago

thiz game iz off the hoke people


over 5 years ago

this is the funnest game ever!!!


over 5 years ago

this is the best zombie gme ever in the computer